Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh, the silence.

Boy, quiet around here lately, no?

Things have been busy and have been happening. Like what? Like C. job hunting and me trying to remain relaxed and calm-acting when really all I want to say is: "WHERE DID YOU APPLY TODAY? SEND ME YOUR UPDATED LIST? WHAT CAN I DO ASIDE FROM WAIT?" I couldn't say these things because of course C. the whole time is thinking things like, "It's two am. I'm not sleeping. I should be working on another application. I should get up and fill out another one. I should be working on my cover letters." So, any additional pressure from me? Not helpful. I've been trying to keep my anxiety over the whole process to a minimum and hide if from the rest of the world: SECRET STRESS. If you ask me, I've done a pretty bang-up job all things considered.

Anyhow, that part of the process is all over now so I can share all these things with you. C. found a job. It's in Boise, ID. In a little over a month, we'll be packing up all our things and hitting the road for Idaho. HUH. I'm actually pretty excited about the change. Of course, it will be like tearing off the world's stickiest bandaid (the kind that you wear in hot weather so the glue kind of melts around the hairs on your arm?) when we leave Portland. We may even scream out loud a little. This has been a great little home.

I've been pondering what to do with this blog--it IS named "Portlandiaquill" after all. Lot of good THAT will do me in Idaho.

I think I'll probably keep it, though, because--like it or not--once you've lived in a place, you absorb quite a bit of it (maybe that's what the whole osmosis thing is all about?). It adjusts the way you think, the way you understand, and the way you walk down the street. I'd say Portland has had an effect on all of those things for me.

More on these things (and the things I will and already miss about Portland) in the weeks to come. Meanwhile, you can check out C. and my thoughts on Idaho at our new home-away-from-home: Spudward.