Tuesday, July 3, 2007

"The Nina Totin' Bag"

Should I be ashamed of NPR? Talk about blatant self-referential opportunism! Holy cow! That's awful! Then again, it's kind of funny, too. I don't even know what to think....???

Named for NPR’s Legal Affairs Correspondent, Nina Totenberg... it has a Warhol-esque image of the lady on the front.

The Nina Totin' Bag

Just what you need for a day at the beach.


CV said...

A perfect NPR bag for picking up groceries at Whole Foods.

A. said...

So long as you drive there in your special edition "Kristian FORDen-Vencil" hybrid SUV. Can't you see it? You could get special license plates with his face on them.

Better yet, get up in the morning and have your coffee in a warm, cozy Terry-Gross-cloth robe!

The marketing possibilities are ENDLESS!

D. said...

I like you have very mixed feelings on this. Part me is mildy grossed out, for sure.

Emily said...

I am totally behind an NPR-personality marketing craze. At last, an acknowledgment of how easily their strange names get stuck in my head.

Celeste said...

This disturbs me, not because I don't think NPR should market the bejeezus out of their reporters, but because I had my own image of Nina Totenberg (like I do of all NPR reporters), and it doesn't resemble this bag one bit. I refuse to look at their bios on the NPR web site because I don't want these images to be shattered!