Friday, February 2, 2007

It's true. The world is officially falling apart.

All over the local news stations this morning, the buzz phrase was "global warming." Even when I petulantly threw the covers over my head (trying to pretend that morning wasn't something "real" that I had to "deal" with), the radio still snuck through talking about things like thermal ocean increase (the scientist compared it to a cup of tea, when you warm up water, it's volume increases... lovely, briny, fishy tea. Boiled oceans?), Artic ice sheets melting, human are to blame, etc.

Surely you've heard it by now... scientists have resoundingly declared that Global Warming is legit, and yep, we're the ones to blame. If you need to know more about it, read this front-page post on the BBC: .

Anyhow, so trying to ignore the mini global warming I'm experiencing in my office (as the sun beats in on our Southward-facing windows), I ran across this creepy news story out of Russia:
Oily, Yellow snow that smells like stinking garbage. Frightening. (I guess it goes well with my previous post, too! Themes anyone?)

Go outside while you still can.

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