Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Stoopid piece of shit foot.

(Also lifted from the bowels of e-mail hell)

So, I'm now the proud owner of one lame, gimpy, crippled, deplorable, damaged and gosh-danged broken foot. Fractured foot, actually, to use the appropriate term.

Last night I was walking with Rebecca to the grocery store, and went to turn around to her to say something (well, ok, to vividly act something out that involved how silly it is when people turn to watch a hot piece of ass and walk into something and hurt themselves), and wuh-oh, where'd the sidewalk go? Evidently there was a big dip in said sidewalk where the exit to a parking lot came out. Foot didn't know about it. Foot bent in half in stupid chaco sandals as it fell over the rounded edge of the curb. Person attatched to foot heard a loud "SNAP" and said, "ouch.ouch.ouch" then laughed at the circumstances.

Rebecca insisted several times that we go back to my house and that I ice it then and there etc. In insisted that No, I wanted to keep walking to Fred Meyer. So I went to Freddies. By the time I got there it was hurting, SO SO SO bad I couldn't really even see straight. All I wanted to do was buy ibuprofin, an ice pack (which needs to go back into the freezer--REMEMBER that Ariel!), and an ace bandage for my foot. I was being very whiny and was casi-naseous.

I've always thought I was pretty tough when it came to your run-of-the-mill basic pain, and so the quality of this to make me whine like a baby was kind of suprising. I downed some Ibuprofin when I got home, and it then felt a lot better. Well, except for the big goose-egg swelling on the side of my foot that was somewhere about the side of a walnut-in-shell.

Well, this morning rolled around, and no. NOT better. I could hardly stand on it let alone walk or WORK. I somehow deliriously made it down to the EG job fair, and then sat down and sat that out all day. My boss took me to the hospital afterward, and they did xrays and all that fun stuff, and yes, voila, there appeared to be a fracture on my fifth metatarsal and maybe one on the fourth, though it was hard for the Doctor to tell from the pictures. He gave me a note to get a few days off from Starbucks, and suggested that I keep off it, elevate, ice, and ibu. Sounds about right. I have a prescription for Vicodin that I will be filling too. Ooolala. Not that I'm a prescription drug junkie (quite the opposite, in fact), but it's just protocol that when you get a vicodin prescription, you fill it! Duh! So, that's that I guess. I'll work again on Saturday, though I'm not sure what it'll be up for. We'll see. I feel bad bailing on them on an important night like that, but what can you do? my fut is der broken! Whee!

Anyhow. that's the update. Now to spend another boring night lazing about with nothing to do but watch tv and read a book. Woohoo.

Oh, I did get one of those crazy stupid elephant-shoes! Those are kind of fun. Except that I can't wear it because it hurts too bad to lift the darn heavy thing and it gets caught on the floor when I scuff it around. Dang!

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